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What does this Events Company do?

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Turnkey Events Management Solutions

The measure of a successful event is in its ability to amplify your desired branding and driving the event messaging to your end client. Our in-house design and creative community lie at the heart of events creation. We weave ideas and inspirations together, developing designs solutions unique to your event objectives.

Our secret is three-fold. First, to create an interactive and immersive environment that encourages the engagement of all our senses. Second, content creation and display strategies that are focused on playing the heartstrings and invoking a spectrum of emotions. Our final secret is to not share everything and leave just the right amount of space for your mind to wander.

Though 20 years of experience, we have created a trusted brand of events planning – The Event Sense.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is the acquired taste for events management and we crave for it. Our holy trinity of events management – Think, Anticipate, Prevent. The journey towards any event is a series of challenges at every turn. What makes Macro Events unique, is the importance we place on the journey. It is through this journey, friendships and partnerships are forged which lasts a lifetime.

Having contingencies and fail-safe procedures does not guarantee a seamless event. Macro Event’s professional team of events specialists are trained to think on their feet, under pressure. Armed with dynamic solutions, we are prepared for anything

Having in-house production and warehousing facilities means having command and control over all operations of the events. This organisational structure and production strategy gives us the flexibility and agility to turn on a dime. This is crucial in our value-added service to the operational success of the event.

Strict operational discipline ensures that production and build up is executed and delivered to its highest quality and safety standards.

Event day is the when the magic happens. With the arrival of VVIPS, guests, media and everything else happening concurrently. You will have no time to trouble yourself with the backend of the event. Our presence is to guarantee the smooth transition of each process so much so that the event can run itself – all you have to do is be there.

The event is only considered to have concluded after a post-event analysis. To close each event, we exercise a detailed reviewing system to highlight what was done well and all challenges faced leading up to the event. This proves to be valuable in keeping our service standards high and enforces our strong belief in the journey.

Our journey that transcends a singular event. A partnership that lasts a lifetime.

About this Events Company

Macro Events fosters a culture of innovation and creativity. We create services and experiences for today, that lasts a lifetime. With our events management and creative think tank, we provide compelling solutions and designs that are tailored to your event needs.

Our success in this industry is attributed to the 2 key foundation pillars of our Events Philosophy. Representation and The Journey.

Every event is a platform for businesses to express themselves. When we come on board as your Events Company, we present your business. We not only recognise ourselves as an Events Partner but more importantly, an extension of your organisation. We represent you on the public platform.

Our Events Creative Teams are experienced in seeing opportunities through your eyes and seizing them. A term coined the client’s eye. For an Event to be successful to you and your targeted audience, the Event Branding, Message and Ambience must synergise perfectly to create a memorable and valuable experience for your audience, leaving them wanting for more.

Our Event Service teams understand that our actions and behaviour has a rippled effect that extends to your end clients. Our focus is not only to serve you as our primary client but also your immediate and potential clients. This symbiotic relationship is the formula for our success.

We believe that the journey is as important as the destination. With our years of experience we understand from our past clients that as clients, events management may not be your core expertise. It is our value-added service to stand with you to provide advice and solutions every step of the way. Our KPI is measured by the friendship and trust gained at the end of every event.

As an Events, Conference and Exhibition specialist, we make the most of these moments for you and your clients. Start your journey with us today.

Think deeper.
Walk closer.
Go further.

Passion – We are a proudly purpose-driven organisation focused on delivering the best-branded experience for our customers.

Resolute – Professionals delivering solutions that generate and demonstrate value for customers and to the public

Integrity – Collectively moving towards the common goal of extraordinary experience while adhering to the highest level of professionalism

Agility – Regardless of the size or scope of the project. Macro Events has the flexibility and expertise to ensure the impactful experience is created

Initiative – Doing the requested is expected, knowing what to do before is an exception

Teamwork – We have established a team of not only purpose-driven individuals but also knowledge driven individuals and it is this teams’ extensive industry experience and collaborative spirit that drives memorable experiences

As an Events Company, it is our promise to deliver results beyond the call of our duty. Our hand-picked team of passionate individuals works tirelessly to give you the best-branded event experience the industry has to offer. A brain we coined – the Macro Experience. Events Management is not just a business to us, it is our way of life. To ensure a smooth delivery of your event, we dedicate our training to identify problems before they happen. We share with our clients the experiences we have had from similar events and lessons learnt to ensure mistakes of the past won’t happen again. With more than a combined 100 years of events management at the helm, you can expect to tap on a wealth of industry experience unparalleled to others. We see things before they happen.

Our organisation is uniquely structured in a fashion which allows us to make executive decisions swiftly. This ability to turn on the dime is unique to Macro Events and no other company in this market has this confidence to execute. Over the years, we have created a reputation among our clients to be able to turn around Events and Exhibition build ups from the design to production within unrealistic time frames. NS40 exhibition was accomplished within a month, NYP Open House was done within 2 weeks. Our working system combined with our events training is designed in a way that gives our events experience team the ownership and authority to make executive decisions without the hassle of clearing layers of management. Coupled with our in-house production facilities, we shorten the production timeline significantly. Additional orders or last-minute alterations? We will get it done.

An event is not a flick of a switch but a complex collaboration of people working together to achieve a single result. To understand the intricacies and interconnectedness behind this movement is what event sense means – [n] a faculty by which the mind and body perceives an internal or external event stimulus. A deep understanding of not just how and why things work, but the added dimension of what could work, with the minds’ eye to put together a perfect blend to achieve that brand of event flavour that is uniquely yours.

When I got my first taste of Events and Exhibitions, I learnt the ropes of the industry through trial and error. I fell in love with the challenges, creativity and dynamism of each project. When your back is against the wall and the success of the event is determined by your next move, your mind can achieve amazing results. The sparks of creativity and the satisfaction from problem-solving is insatiable. The passion and interests I had for this trade grew into a lifestyle and I have never left the Events and Exhibition scene since.

Events and Exhibitions are more than just awareness campaigns or public showcases. As Events Specialists, we appreciate the nuts and bolts of the mechanism that drives an event. It is this aspect of the project that I savour them most. Naturally, there were also many times when we were met with obstacles or blindsided by challenges. A particular incident remains fresh in my memory. The night before the event our client came to us and all the approved deliverables were embargoed by our client’s communications team. The entire showroom is now a blank hall. It was an events management nightmare. However, my team refused to accept defeat and we were determined to resolve the situation. Success is our only option. Against all odds, our client and my team pulled through the night together and delivered a miraculous recovery for the show to be delivered on time the next morning. It is through these episodes of camaraderie between my clients and my team that constantly renews my passion in this art.

It is this combination of creative flexibility, grit and iron will that I expect from my events team.

At Macro Events, it is my privilege and duty as an Events Specialists and Consultant to ensure that regardless of any given situation. Your show must go on.

No event is too big or small. For most events company, they see themselves as product and service providers. Piece mealing items together to form the end product – your event. Product and quality assurance is second nature to us and is a non-negotiable concept for all our deliverables. Where we stand out from the crowd is our symbiotic relationship with each of our client. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your key messaging and objectives for your event and emulating them. The success of our event is measured by the working relationship with you. To hear you say “we truly enjoyed working with you” is the highest level of compliment we can receive.

It is true that you can save cost by managing and running the event yourself.

In fact, many companies nominate an in-house event committee and if you are comfortable with the scale of the event, you can effectively manage the event on your own. This is very common for internal events held within the company such as Dinner & Dance, Awards & Recognition Ceremonies.

If you have basic project management skills, managing an event should be a walk in the park for you.

However, the key consideration we advise on whether you should engage an events company or not is the opportunity cost involved in managing the event.

In most cases, the committee is nominated or volunteered. In the best scenario, this committee consists of a collective of individuals with relevant skill sets to achieve the event’s objective. In reality, this ideal situation does not occur often. There are even times when the committee is nominated against their own will. This project is an additional workload that not all employees are readily willing to take on.

This goes against everything we believe about Events Management. Events should be fun!

The resources required to ensure a successful event can be draining, to say the least. Every event starts with a concept or an idea. To develop this idea and turning it into a reality is a systematic process with specialised skill sets required along the way.

We will focus four key areas of cost of events management for your consideration on whether you should hire an events company or manage the event in-house.

1. Time

When most companies choose to organize and manage their events in-house, the idea is to reduce “unnecessary” expenditure as much as possible and to tap on whatever existing resources available within the team.

The biggest trade-off with money is time. How much time are you willing to invest in this project?

How important is this event in comparison to your core duties of your job?

Taking on this project does not necessarily give you and your employees an off pass from your daily duties. Even if temporary absence is granted, it is likely you will experience a huge backload of work to catch up on after the event. As a result, many employees see events management as an extra burden on their workload.

The component that takes up the most time is conceptualising the event. For some, creativity comes easy. For most, it evades us. Conceptualising an idea that is aligned with your event can be (for most) one of the hardest and time-consuming segments of events planning. Even after spending hours brainstorming on the idea, you are faced with the all-important question – will it work? How are you going to build it? What resources do I need to achieve it?

2. Networks

There are many components of the event that cannot be done in-house.

The success of an events company depends on the extent of its network of trusted partners. It is the partnership that ensures the smooth execution of the event. This level of partnership is built over the year of doing business together. If you are running the event on your own, are you confident that the vendor of your choice will give you the results you desire?

From our experience, most companies in the market are trustworthy and will get the job done. We will not touch on those who fail to deliver work up to expectation. Most of the hiccups we face during an event are made due to miscommunications among parties.

One such case we encountered was ordering collaterals of the wrong size. The product was shown to us via pictures and it was approved. However, when it arrived at our doorstep, the actual size of the product from much smaller than expected it to be. It is impossible to determine the actual size of the product based on pictures alone. Sizing errors are one of the most common shipping errors made and it is indoctrinated in our standard operating procedure to get samples next to a ruler in the pictures.

In the worst case scenarios, you will encounter unforeseen circumstances that lead to non-delivery of your vendors. One such example is accidents.

In the event, your vendor met with an accident (for example, if their office or warehouse catches fire. Yes it has happened before) days before the show and they are unable to deliver the product. What is your contingency plan? Are you able to accept this missing component in your event or do you have the resources to find an alternative vendor days away from your event?

The pressure you face during this situations can be unbearable. If you have an events company with a vast network of resources will mitigate this problem and decrease the chances of non-delivery with no increase in cost.

Do you have the necessary technical knowledge and experience to ensure you have specified the components of the event correctly.

For instance, what type of audio speakers are relevant and sufficient for an event of your size? If you are piecing decorations together, how are you going to execute them on site? Does the event venue have the required installations for you?

As a buyer, the price will be your key factor when making the decision. Is price the most important factor? In a nutshell, it depends. There are items you can and should save on, but for items that involve safety, you most definitely should not!

Look no further! Book your Events Company today!

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