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Macro Events celebrates 20 years of events management. 20 years in the market, we must have done something right!

Macro Events fosters a culture of innovation and creativity. We create services and experiences for today, that lasts a lifetime. With our events management and creative think tank, we provide compelling solutions and designs that are tailored to your event needs.

Every event is a platform for businesses to express themselves. At Macro Events, we make the most of these moments for you and your audiences.

As an Events and Exhibition specialist, we believe that the journey is as important as the destination. Start your journey with us today.

Think deeper.
Walk closer.
Go further.


Here are some showcase of our recent events

International Maritime Fleet Review

RSN50 Quarterdeck Party

Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge

Singapore Human Capital Summit

Singapore HR Awards

Advisor’s Alliance Dinner & Dance 17

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Our Turnkey Event Management services offer design and concept development, event management planning, production and logistics, on-site event management, and post-event analysis. Our experienced events management consultants serve to provide event ideas and solution to create a multi-sensory experience bespoke to your event needs.


Exhibitions are an amazing way to reach out to your audiences. Exhibition design is key to maximise your company’s visibility to the attendees. With innovative ideas and technologies, we export your brand to the marketplace, leaving a lasting impression on your audiences.

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A great conference captivates audiences by letting the key messages speak for itself. Our conference management team ensures a seamless sequence from the registration to the end of the networking cocktails. Making the experience effortless for each delegate, keeping them focused and engaged throughout.

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Event Title: International Maritime Review 2017

Hi Poh Suan, just want to say a big thank you for the wonderful works Macro and yourself have done for IMR. Without you and your team, there is no way the event can be successful.

Also, you have 2 very capable members. Jesslyn seems to have every solution to problems, and she is not afraid to work long hours to make sure everything is in place. There is so much coordination to be done but she seems to be always 2 steps ahead to ensure all planning and coordination are done timely.

Ivan is another strong pillar who also gives solutions to creative problems. He is extremely effective in ensuring all the required designs and set up are done correctly. I have attended many events and I would dare say that the IMR backdrop he designed and built is the best I have seen thus far .

Thanks again for making the event perfect and the hard work team Macro has put in

LTC Vincent Yeo, DY Chairman Committee International Maritime Review, Republic of Singapore Navy

Event Title: NYP Open House 2015

Thank you very much for Macro’s very professional, prompt and dedicated service. In particular, we would like to thank Ivan and his team of designers for fully supporting us in our (many) design iterations. As I shared with some of our School Reps, we are fortunate to have you guys on board, that you are obliging and always try your best to accommodate our sometimes last-minute requests for design amendments & logistical additions. We also understand that we probably have one of the most detailed and complicated (and also the most attractive – we would like to think!) exhibit designs among the polys this year, judging from the photos of the set-up at the other polys that we have seen. We would also like to put on record our deepest appreciation to Daniel, Orange and the entire operations team for their commitment in completing our entire set-up in time for Open House, and being on stand-by constantly during the three days of Open House to ensure that ad-hoc requests for assistance and rectification could be attended to promptly.

We know the sheer number of exhibit items that had to be installed this year was the biggest in all these years of Open House, including the many lamp post banners and directional signage spread all across our sprawling campus. Many thanks to your men on the ground who spent grueling weekdays and weekends, days and nights, to ensure each and every display item was installed as required. Please convey our gratitude to all your staff behind-the-scene who had supported our Open House 2015 in one way or another, to make it a success. We look forward to working with Macro again in future, if the opportunity arises.

Carol, Nanyang Polytechnic

Event Title: Micron Ground Breaking Ceremony

Overall, it was an outstanding effort by Macro Events to pull this off in such a short notice of < 1 month with all the changes that happened along the way. One thing that we all learnt was regarding the morning dew on acrylic panels and moving forward the Macro Event Team can anticipate and address accordingly. Other than that, it was an excellent experience working with the team. Thank you so much for the successful event.

Kuo Yang, Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

Event Title: Future of Public Service Showcase 2016

The PSD-CSC Showcase Team is really appreciative of the efforts that Macro Events put in to make this inaugural Future of Public Service Showcase a success. We have received favorable feedback from many of the senior Public Sector Leaders and participants on the set-up and operation of the showcase area. The operations team led by Alina was able to provide us with prompt support during both the planning and execution of the showcase. The timing updates on graphics and illustrations and quick grasp of the showcase concept enabled the organizing committee to work quickly around key decision making points. This was not a simple task given that they had only half a month to prepare for this event. Well done to Alina and her team! I would also like to thank Poh Suan for going the extra mile to join us in our meeting with the venue provider and assist us to solve the carpet issue that happened at the very last minute.

Esther Tan, Manager Chief HR Officer's Office, Public Service Division, Prime Ministers's Office

Event Title: Central Clean & Green SG50 Carnival

Having worked with Macro Events previously, appreciated the flexibility of designers & staff. Staff reacted quite well even with last minute changes. Event was run smoothly.

Michael, NEA

Event Title: National Day 2016 Appreciation Function

The wonderful, pleasant and great working relationship with Ivan, Wilson, Daniel & Eng Liang (2016) has just grown from strength-to-strength as years pass by. The support given to us was extremely strong and professional. Great Team, Great Friends, Great Experience!

Mr Koh, Republic of Singapore Navy

Event Title: MOHH Healthcare Scholarships

We would like to thank Macro Events for your great work and design for our 7 March Healthcare Scholarships Fair! The overall look and feel of the fair was great! Thank you once again for the great work and turnaround time!

Selina Toh, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd

Event Title: All That Matters 2016

Thank you so much for helping for our events. You guys always have very quick response to my questions and requests. Also provide the best solutions to solve any last minute problem. You rocks!

Roxy, Operations Manager, Branded Ltd

Event Sense

[n] a faculty by which the mind and body perceives an internal or external event stimulus

Director’s Message

An event is not a flick of a switch but a complex collaboration of people working together to achieve a single result. To understand the intricacies and interconnectedness behind this movement is what event sense means. A deep understanding of not just how and why things work, but the added dimension of what could work, with the minds’ eye to put together a perfect blend to achieve that brand of event flavour that is uniquely yours.

When I got my first taste of Events and Exhibitions, I learnt the ropes of the industry through trial and error. I fell in love with the challenges, creativity and dynamism of each project. When your back is against the wall and the success of the event is determined by your next move, your mind can achieve amazing results. The sparks of creativity and the satisfaction from problem-solving is insatiable. The passion and interests I had for this trade grew into a lifestyle and I have never left the Events and Exhibition scene since.

Events and Exhibitions are more than just awareness campaigns or public showcases. As Events Specialists, we appreciate the nuts and bolts of the mechanism that drives an event. It is this aspect of the project that I savour them most. Naturally, there were also many times when we were met with obstacles or blindsided by challenges. A particular incident remains fresh in my memory. The night before the event our client came to us and all the approved deliverables were embargoed by our client’s communications team. The entire showroom is now a blank hall. It was an events management nightmare. However, my team refused to accept defeat and we were determined to resolve the situation. Success is our only option. Against all odds, our client and my team pulled through the night together and delivered a miraculous recovery for the show to be delivered on time the next morning. It is through these episodes of camaraderie between my clients and my team that constantly renews my passion in this art.

It is this combination of creative flexibility, grit and iron will that I expect from my events team.

At Macro Events, it is my privilege and duty as an Events Specialists and Consultant to ensure that regardless of any given situation. Your show must go on.

Design and concept

The measure of a successful event is in its ability to amplify your desired branding and driving the event messaging to your end client. Our in-house design and creative community lie at the heart of events creation. We weave ideas and inspirations together, developing designs solutions unique to your event objectives.

Our secret is three-fold. First, to create an interactive and immersive environment that encourages the engagement of all our senses. Second, content creation and display strategies that are focused on playing the heartstrings and invoking a spectrum of emotions. Our final secret is to not share everything and leave just the right amount of space for your mind to wander.

Events planning

Though 20 years of experience, we have created a trusted brand of events planning – The Event Sense.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is the acquired taste for events management and we crave for it. Our holy trinity of events management – Think, Anticipate, Prevent. The journey towards any event is a series of challenges at every turn. What makes Macro Events unique, is the importance we place on the journey. It is through this journey, friendships and partnerships are forged which lasts a lifetime.

Having contingencies and fail-safe procedures does not guarantee a seamless event. Macro Event’s professional team of events specialists are trained to think on their feet, under pressure. Armed with dynamic solutions, we are prepared for anything.

Production and logistics planning

Having in-house production and warehousing facilities means having command and control over all operations of the events. This organisational structure and production strategy gives us the flexibility and agility to turn on a dime. This is crucial in our value-added service to the operational success of the event.

Strict operational discipline ensures that production and build up is executed and delivered to its highest quality and safety standards.

On-site event management

Event day is the when the magic happens. With the arrival of VVIPS, guests, media and everything else happening concurrently. You will have no time to trouble yourself with the backend of the event. Our presence is to guarantee the smooth transition of each process so much so that the event can run itself – all you have to do is be there.

Post event analysis

The event is only considered to have concluded after a post-event analysis. To close each event, we exercise a detailed reviewing system to highlight what was done well and all challenges faced leading up to the event. This proves to be valuable in keeping our service standards high and enforces our strong belief in the journey.

Our journey that transcends a singular event. A partnership that lasts a lifetime.

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To book an appointment with one of our event consultants or leave an enquiry. Simply leave us your contact details and a brief introduction of your event requirements and we will attend to you within one working day. Alternatively, you can call us at 67431677 and look for our events management team and we will be there to assist you.