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Macro Events Conference Management Team specialises in conference planning and production, stage set designs, guests management, development of websites and mobile applications. Our conference and live event management team offers a comprehensive spectrum of services to deliver a smooth execution of your conference event, and a consistent message and branding targeted at your audience. In this Conference Company, we understand that we are more than just your contracted events vendor. We represent your brand.

Our Conference Management Service Solutions

This conference company recognises the importance of the guests’ experience from the registration process to the conference event. Our conference registration solutions allow smooth and seamless management of your guests and delegates on a single platform. We offer customised registration solutions based on your requirements and budget for the event. Our conference registrations provide an online and offline platform for your guests to register and purchase event tickets.

In addition to our online registration platform, our conference management team offers concierge services dedicated to your guests to complete the finishing touch of the customer service experience for your conference. Our events hotline and online help desk assist in the general inquiry and frequently asked questions. We also provide SMS and email reminder services leading up to the event, to keep your guests updated on the conference development as well as to simply remind them not to miss the event. Our registration services also give you an up to date report of the attendance and ticket sales status of your conference. This information will be crucial to the organiser this will signal the trigger of contingency plans if the attendance does not meet expectations.

For the overseas delegates, our service extends to the management of airport transfers, limousine services, and accommodations booking. Delegates are treated with the highest level of hospitality available during their visit. We aim to make their trip to your event as hassle-free and delightful as possible.

On-site registration is crucial to the event flow. Jammed queues and equipment malfunctions will affect the timing of the conference proceedings which cascade and leads to the delay of the entire conference program. Our on-site registration management planning ensures sufficient onsite registration kiosk. On-site registration equipment is tested repeatedly to ensure efficient and smooth registration process and distribution of conference kits

In the event you choose to use your preferred event registration solutions, our conference company team, with training from your vendor if necessary, has the capabilities to manage platforms of your choice.

It is important to note that online and on-site registration may not be compatible for integration. To minimise the risk of problems arising during the event day, we strongly encourage engaging our preferred registration solution partners whom we have a long working relationship with.

Our consultants will meet with your team to understand the key objectives, themes, and messages for your event and stage requirements. Our design and technical teams will return with a creative proposal integrated with AV solutions for the best possible results.

Traditionally, stage backdrops are displays that serve as a background for the conference scenes, media and photo-taking opportunity. For the traditional static option, we can design a clean corporate branding and messaging echoing throughout. Alternatively, we can propose a more thematic set-up to soften the look and feel of the event. For example, a living room or coffee shop setting, where the panelist can discuss topics in a familiar scene.

For a more dynamic stage set, we have fully integrated LED and projection mapping solutions. Using LED or Projection Mapping gives us the complete flexibility to program and digitally change the backdrop on cue.

The ambiance set by the natural venue lights also affects the stage set. As events consultants, we will provide you with our professional advice on the usage of lights to further enhance the stage set.

Our stage design management also includes the management of third-party equipment that directly impacts the set. This includes the management of visual inputs from various sources, such as live camera feeds, satellite link-ups, powerpoint or keynote presentations and others.

The stage is not just an inanimate backdrop. It is the life of the event. We strive to provide innovative ideas to make your event truly memorable.

As the conference contents develop, our conference management team assists in the development and production of conference content deliverables. Ranging from electronic direct mailers to program booklets which we help to disseminated to your audiences. We also offer services to manage the online website and keep it up to date with the latest news and announcements of the event.

Our design services extend to the design and fabrication of event collaterals specific to your requests. We offer simple off the rack gifts and customised premium gifts. Our partners ensure the products delivered on time and are of the highest quality level. More importantly, through the novelty and the function of the proposed gifts, these products should provide the greatest mileage to your brand.

Macro Events conference team also specialises in VIP and delegate management.

With a vast experience of VIP management. We have managed events for our Presidents, local and foreign Ministers and Military Leaders, and C-suite management. We will carry out all liaising with the VIPs and Guest-of-Honour whenever needed. At the backend, we also ensure that all staff, such as the photographers, media, and audiovisual crew, are already stand-by in position to receive the VIPs and Guest-of-Honour.

Some conferences are organised with an exhibition event running concurrently. Official sponsors and industry players are given complimentary or sold exhibition space within the conference venue to showcase their products and services. Our exhibitions and conference team will work in tandem to manage the exhibitions portion of your conference.

With our array of exhibition management services, Macro Events provides a one-stop holistic solution for your sponsor’s exhibition needs. The exhibitions team will liaise with the sponsors and work with them on the contents and the design of their booth. We will take care of all additional orders and requests from your sponsors, essentially providing you with a one-stop solution for your entire conference.

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming essential to any conferences. This online platform creates a community which encourages discussion and networking prior to, during, and after the event. The mobile application is fully customisable and offers multiple features to enhance the conference experience.

The mobile application allows visitors to have live chat forums with industry peers prior to the event. This gives speakers some insights to the expectations and general inquiry regarding their subject matter. The mobile app can also be programmed for live voting for the speakers to conduct live polls. The app serves as a conference track update and reminders so your guests do not miss out on the sessions they have interests in. The mobile app can also be programmed to facilitate business match-making. Delegates can fix appointments with other delegates of similar interests, this facilitates and makes it easier for people to meet specific prospects and network with each other.

A mobile app is not just a tool of convenience for the event, but the epicenter of the conference community. The value of the app is in its legacy and keeping the community updated on future and upcoming conferences.

List of this Conference Company Services

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  • Conference¬†Microsite Management

  • Conference¬†Mobile Application

  • Conference Stage Set Design

  • Conference Kit

  • Delegates Management

  • VIP & Guest-of-Honour Management

  • Pubicity Design and Management

  • Sponsors and Exhibitor Management

  • Exhibition Design

  • Live Entertainment

  • Conference Live Streaming

  • Audio & Visual Management

  • Emcee Management