About this Exhibition Company

Macro Events Exhibitions Teams specialises in exhibition management, design, manufacture and exhibition execution of for exhibition stands. With more than 20 years of experience, this exhibitions company houses an in-house creative team to piece together creative design concept for bespoke exhibition booths and pavilions.

Our exhibitions creative teams will work hand in hand with you to provide creative, refreshing and cost-effective solutions that will accentuate your brand and reinforce your message. At first glance, we want to invoke curiosity with a fusion of familiarity and the lesser-known aspect of your branding. We want to engage the audience on an emotive level through a storytelling approach to the development of your company or your products. This message is then reinforced with a multi-sensory, immersive experience that is distinctive to your company and differentiated within your industry. This freshness in itself creates a talking point and thereby generating conversations and visits by trade visitors and buyers.

In addition to physical design. Our partnerships with various market leaders allow us to offer a wide range of services to compliment the messaging in your exhibition. Interactive technology components ranging from large LED screens to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions gives us an immersive touch to the event. 360 Virtual Reality is increasingly becoming a trend in the events and exhibitions scene. It immediately allows you to be transported a different location that is otherwise impractical or impossible to physically display at the actual show ground. This device also allows exhibitors to show viewers. Another value of using Virtual Reality in exhibitions is that it extends the reach beyond visitors who are present in at the exhibition show. By using social media such as YouTube and Facebook, we can share this experience with audiences on the go, all around the world. There is nothing more valuable in online marketing than creating a viral content.

Our Exhibition Booth Designs

What can this Exhibitions Company do?

This exhibitions company takes care of the timely build-up of the booth. The exhibitions scene is a quick paced industry with a tight window for the creative process, production and installation leading up to the event. We understand that companies invest huge budget to standout in these events leaving no margin for error. Regardless of the timeline given, we exist to deliver.

Our aim to deliver a hassle-free experience for all our clients and all you have to do is be there. We take on the duty to ensure that all administrative procedures are taken care of. We go the extra mile to manage all additional requirements and orders from third parties engaged by our clients. The success of the exhibition booth is measured on the entirety of its build up.

The exhibition design team is well trained in interior and thematic designs. We will work closely with you and study the corporate branding of your company to come up with design proposals that fit your requirements. Apart from the aesthetics of your booth design, the spatial planning within your booth is equally important. The design has to be functional to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your visitors and working staff.

The exhibition design team is well trained in interior and thematic designs. We will work closely with you and study the corporate branding of your company to come up with design proposals that fit your requirements. Apart from the aesthetics of your booth design, the spatial planning within your booth is equally important. The design has to be functional to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your visitors and working staff.

This exhibitions company ensures that tight production schedules are met and on-site installation is executed of the highest quality. Our team is also on standby for show days to address any unexpected issues or fulfil additional requirements.

The versatility of this exhibitions company offers you endless possibilities on what can be achieved on the exhibition ground. From corporate centric to thematic designs. You name it, we’ll design it.

Exhibition Booth Design Case Study

Exhibitions Company Case Study 1: Seagate

When Seagate engaged us for the booth design, the direction given was very straightforward. In broad, we had to understand their corporate identity guidelines and stick to their corporate green and black. The main feature wall was initially the brands of their newest products. Half-way through the design process, our client decided that it does not suit the objective of the exhibition and we changed the overall design from product driven visuals to infographics on how the interconnectivity of the world through Seagate.

As the booth was also to be reused for a second separate, the challenge we had was that the exhibition space bought for both shows were different. One was 3m x 3m area while the other was 3m x 6m. We had to design the booth in a way that it is modular and we can use it for both exhibitions.

Exhibition booth design - seagate2

Exhibitions Company Case Study 2: Micron

Prior to this exhibition, Micron changed its direction on it corporate branding and we were invited to a session to learn about their shift in corporate image. Before, it was a typical and traditional semiconductor branding image, with its main focus on products and manufacturing. In its recent shift and branding strategy, Micron has changed its focus from a hardware manufacturer to lifestyle provider. Its managed library of corporate approved pictures and motifs which made the work which helped the design process.

Exhibition booth design - micron

Exhibitions Company Case Study 3: IMDA Playschool of Tomorrow

IMDA’s Playschool of Tomorrow. One of IMDA’s department’s initiative was to promote learning through the use of technology and robotics. It features educational circuit gadgets for kids to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills. It also featured “Pepperbot”, a genuine day-to-day robot companion with interactive features that helps improve social skills.

Firstly, the theme of the booth was “Playschool of Tomorrow” and we wanted to give the children a feel of what a futuristic playschool will look and feel like. Our design team drew inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Robot to create a fantastical world of adventure and surprises when they step into the exhibition booth.

Exhibition booth design - IMDA

The booth also had very specific requirements on the number of children the booth should be able to facilitate at the same time, as well as the management of floor space so that concurrent play sessions does not cause a distraction for each other.

One of the main activities of this booth was the Playschool shop. We built a miniature shop fully stocked with toys within the booth manned by Pepperbot. The children are then given a sum of real money and were asked to pick items they want to buy. The items are then scanned at the counter and Pepperbot will tell the total price of all their items. The children are then asked to give the exact amount to Pepperbot. The aim for this activity was for the children to understand the social and mathematical concept behind buying items

As the main visitors of this booth is for children, we also had to ensure that the playschool built was a safe environment for them. Sharp furniture corners have to be rounded down. The parameter of the booth has to be secured to prevent children from running out of the exhibition space unattended. Other health and hygiene amenities were also taken into consideration as hand and furniture sanitisers were provided.

Another challenge for this booth was the transition of IDA to IMDA. The launch of IMDA falls on the second day of the exhibition so we had the additional task of changing all existing IDA logos to the new IMDA logos for the second day of the event.

Finally, as part of IMDA’s initiative to aid lesser funded preschools in Singapore, IMDA gave away the furnitures and props from the booth after the exhibition. In support for IMDA’s initiative, Macro Events has also provided moving services to the preschools at no charge.

Exhibitions Company Case Study 4: Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City was a straightforward project. We were given the task to build an exhibition booth that is a replica of the office in Dubai. The only challenge was that we were given this project less than 2 weeks before the event day. Our client and us had a common understanding that we had to commit to working across each other’s timezone for this event to be successful. We had to work like clockwork, on a tight schedule. Proposals were sent and approved quickly. Production schedule planned to the minute and we had minimal margin for errors.

Despite the race against time, we pulled through together, making this event a great success.

Exhibition booth design dubai studio city

Advice from an Exhibitions Company: What to look out for when purchasing an exhibition booth space?

Exhibitions are an excellent way to reach out to your audiences. It is a platform to perform product demonstrations, product presentations and general displays of your products and services. It brings the members of your industry together to display and discuss your latest product and services. It is a fairground of exciting competition where you square of and interact with your closest competitors, and where market leaders pave the way towards a new and innovative direction.

Exhibitions which are more targetted to general consumers are usually free upon entry, whereas B2B fairs are more industry-specific tends to be gated and limits the attendees to professionals and industry experts only.

As an exhibitor, your main aim is to put establish your brand in the marketplace, in hopes of meeting and educating new potential clients, and entice them with special trade show promotional prices, reinforcing business relationships with supplier and distributors, and networking with influencers and the media.

In the trade show, exhibitors purchase exhibition space from the organiser and build a temporary shop front to showcase their products and services. The two main spaces available to showcase is the ground space and the airspace. On the ground, you have the option to purchase blocks of estate for your company.

Location is king. Floor space near and facing the entrances are prime areas. They usually cost more and/or are given to the main sponsors of the event. These spaces are prime as they are the first booths scene by visitors, and first impressions count. Image walking into an exhibition hall and the first thing the visitor sees is an impressive build up of your booth. This show practically belongs to you.

Booth located at the far corners of the exhibition halls have a tendency to be left out.

As a rule of thumb, try to procure the booth space that is facing the entrance of the exhibition hall. These spaces have better visibility than the booth faced away from the entrance.

If your budget permits, you have the option to purchase airspace. You have the option to maximise the utility from the height the event hall ceiling to give yourself greater presence and branding within the area. There are a few ways you can go about doing this.

Advice from an Exhibitions Company: Exhibition Booth Design to Increase Visibility

This is a common practice for bigger budget booths or exhibition pavilions. The airtime has proven to be invaluable for visitors to locate your exhibition booth. This option, however, tends to be more expensive as rigs are charged per mounting point by the organiser and a professional engineer endorsement is required for the build-up of this structure.

You may also choose to build tall booth structures to maximise the airspace of your booth. Depending on the rules set by the venue owner, the height limit of booth structures is set at 3.5m to 5m. This is also dependent on the proximity of your neighbouring booth. To be fair to your neighbours, the exhibition organiser requires your booth structure to not block the branding or overshadow your neighbours. It is always important to ensure that your booth or pavilion design is approved by the event organiser prior to the event.

Another cost-effective way is to use lighted balloons. These huge balloons are filled up with helium and anchored with either ropes or metal poles. You can customise these balloons with your company’s branding and key messages.

Advice from an Exhibitions Company: What to look out for when managing your Exhibition Booth?

Exhibitions tend to last for more than a day. General housekeeping is vital as you do not want visitors to walk into an untidy booth. Cleaning service can be hired to ensure that the booth is fit for presentation the next day.

A little welfare for the exhibition is much appreciated. Attending to the exhibition booth can be demanding. Water to quench the thirst and coffee to perk up the team goes a long way.

Shared wifi is generally provided by the venue. However, if your demonstration requires uninterrupted internet access or if you are planning to do a video conferencing, it would be wise to purchase a dedicated internet line.

Some products on display may be costly and highly sensitive. For example, weapons. It will be required by some exhibition to hire an armed guard to ensure the exhibits are safe after hours.

In some exhibitions, you are only allowed to ship or deliver your products to the exhibition ground. In some instance, the event organiser requires you to hire the official forwarder to transport your product within the exhibition hall.

For the staff manning the exhibition booth. You may want to choose an accommodation near the exhibition ground for the ease of traveling. The roads and traveling conditions of each country various drastically. You do not want to be caught in during in the rush hour of an unfamiliar territory.

There are deadline specified in the manual to be filled and returned. The main contractor reserves the right to charge a late fee if the deadline is missed. 30% – 50% surcharge is applicable for late submission and ordering of exhibition logistics. 50% – 100% surcharge is applicable for event day orders of exhibition logistics.

A refundable deposit is required by the main contractors if the exhibitor chooses to engage an external contractor. This is to mitigate any damages done to the venue by the external contractor, if any.

The event organiser reserves the right to charge additional administrative fees for booth build up and designs. Look out for these and ensure they are factored into your budget

Certain items and services can be controlled by the event organisers and you may only engage the official contractors for these services. This is to ensure the smooth execution for the build-up of the event. Be sure to find out which of these services are controlled.

Electrical rental are controlled for all exhibitions. It is typical that electrical points and lightings can only be purchased from the main contractor and the use of multiplugs are strictly not allowed. As exhibitors spend thousands of dollars to participate in this fair, this step is taken to minimise the risk of power shortages.

Every exhibition has its unique restrictions and requirements. Do take note of these restrictions and requirements stated in the exhibitor’s manual.

All exhibitions have a height limit for the construction of your booth. This fall within the range of 3m to 5m and it is important not to exceed these limits as the organiser reserves the right to request your booth be taken down on site. Always ensure that the booth design is approved by the event organiser or main contractor before proceeding to fabrication.

Some exhibitions have requirements such as wooden flooring to protect the venue grounds. The event organiser reserves the right to halt construction of your booth on site if this requirement is not met. Such requirements have a cost element involved and it needs to be factored in during the budgeting of your exhibition booth design and build up.

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