About this Exhibitions Contractor

Macro Events is Singapore’s leading Events and Exhibitions Company. As official exhibition stand builders and contractors, we not only provide exhibition booth rentals. Our exhibitions team provides a total exhibitions management solutions every step of the way for your exhibition.

Our exhibition turnkey solutions provide a comprehensive approach to planning, design, and execution of exhibition experiences. Leave the responsibility of exhibition executions to us. Our range of services manages the execution of publicity, liaising with venue owner and management of the exhibitors and visitors. Our exhibition management team ensures the timely setup of the entire setup space. Our strict quality control policy guarantees that the exhibition space is delivered ready to use and of the highest quality.

Our company’s exhibition contractor philosophy is based on the premise of building strong relationships with our clients (organisers, exhibitors, and visitors) and on our commitment to quality and excellence in everything we do.

Our Past Exhibitions

NUS Career Fest 2018

Future of Public Service Exhibition

ECDA Exhibition

Our Exhibitions Contractor Service Solutions

Our design and creative team delivers consistent event branding and messaging throughout the exhibition. We strive to innovate cost-effective designs and methods to drive this branding, creating a holistic experience for all our end clients.

Our exhibitions team develops and manages the exhibition website. Our fully customisable website solutions gives us the flexibility to design the website to fulfill the aesthetics and functions required in your specifications

Let us manage the exhibitors for you. Our exhibitions registration solutions allow smooth and seamless management of your exhibitors and visitors. Our platform is fully customisable to facilitate the purchase of event space, rental of exhibition logistics, customise design and build of exhibition booths and purchase of exhibition tickets.

We will personally liaise with each exhibitor ensuring that all administrative proceedings have been carried out and exhibitors are equipped with all the information they need for the show. We provided a dedicated exhibitions hotline to assist in general enquiry and frequently asked questions of the exhibitions. With our in-house exhibitions logistics capabilities, all additional exhibition logistics orders from the exhibitors will be taken care of. Regular updates and reminders will be disseminated via electronic mailers and SMS prior to the event, keeping exhibitors up to date with the latest announcements.

Our exhibitions team also manages the customised design and built booths. Find out more of about our exhibition booth design and build services here.

We provide a one-stop shop for all your exhibition needs. As an exhibition contractor, our aim is to provide a seamless experience and to maximise the results of exhibiting in the event. Your clients are our clients too.

Should your exhibitors choose to engage their preferred external contractor for the setup of their customised exhibition booths, our exhibition management team will work closely with the engaged third-party for the timely and set up of the exhibition.

The registration platform manages the online and on-site registration of your visitors. The platform is fully customised to manage paid and free events. Our exhibitions team offers a personal concierge service to your visitors. We will manage all general inquiries and frequently asked questions from the visitors and keep them updated with the latest information and announcements of the event. Our registration services also give you an up to date report on the attendance and ticket sales. Reminders and event day instructions will be sent via SMSes and mailers to your visitors.

Every event has a main stage event that anchors the show. This comes in different forms, depending on the program planned by the organiser. Our exhibition management team is equipped with the experience and technical know-how to manage these portion of the event. This extends to the development and construction of the stage, rehearsals prior to the event and the on-site management and execution of this section.

The management of crowd flow is a crucial part of exhibitions planning, yet often overlooked. It affects the mileage of the exhibitors, comfort of the visitors and most importantly, the security and safety of the event. Our design and layout of the event space ensure that the flow of the event is optimal and comfortable to the visitors. The last thing we want is a bottleneck on the ground.

Venue management typically has strict rules and regulation on safety distances, height limits and fire curtain locations, which we have to abide by. Having experiences working with various event grounds, we grasp the importance of these rules and our exhibitions team will advise you accordingly.

Our pool of events and exhibition talents provides well groomed and presentable users and models for your events. We hand select individuals who fit the poise of the event, giving you a consistent image and branding for your event. These talents are experienced and trained in events and exhibition facilitation to enhance the experience of your guests.