The Pull Up Banner

The most cost effective and staple item at all events. The pull up banner. Used as an advertisement, decoration, or even backdrop for photo-taking, pull-up banners are a must-have for every company event.

Here at Macro Events, we pride ourselves in offering top service even when it comes to printing and what sets us apart from other companies is our professional eye. For first-timers, rest assured that common mistakes such as pixelated images or low-resolution artwork will not be printed. Our in-house design team will review all designs received before sending them to print and advice you on the changes required.

Pull Up Banner Size

Our high-quality pull up and roll up banners come in two popular sizes:

Pull Up Banner Large: 2m x 2mH
Pull Up Banner Regular: 0.85m x 2mH

Each banner comes with a black cushioned bag and is printed on premium quality poster paper. Our banners are events durable and can be used across multiple events.

How Fast?

Super fast! Our in-house printers allow for a quick turnaround from 1 working days. We also offer express (last minute) orders and same day delivery!

Our pull up banner comes in 2 sizes.

Pull Up Banner Large – 200cm x 200cm
Pull Up Banner Regular – 85cm x 200cm or

Please specify the size required for your event or shop.

Please specify the quantity of pull up banners required. We have no minimum order quantity required.
We offer discounts for bulk quantity ordered.

Choose the date of your collection. A typical order will take 2-3 working days. If you need your print urgently, we have the ultra express options which offers same day collection.

We will do our best to meet your deadline. The only day we cannot deliver to is yesterday.

If you have the artwork ready, send it over to us in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or High Resolution PDF file. (TIP: you can use www.wetransfer.com to send over large print files over to us.) If you are sending us in a the PDF format, as a rule of thumb, please ensure that the file size is at least 3mb. If the artwork is not suitable for print, our service team will advice you on the print conditions before printing. We will only print high quality images.

In the event do you require design assistance, our sales consultants will be able to assist you with your request at a small fee.

How to get your designs out fast?

Please provide us with the following to get your designs out fast!

  1. Please provide the design content – Images, texts, etc that you would like to incorporate in your pull up banner.
  2. Share with us samples of your preferred design style for us to work quickly on your design.
  3. If you required additional purchase of design assets from stock image sites, we can purchase them on your behalf.

Self-Collection Option

We will give you a call once your pull up banner is ready for collection! You can make your way down to our Event HeadQuarters at 5 Lorong Bakar Batu, MacPherson Industrial Complex, #04-01/02 to pick up your pull up stand.

Delivery option

We will deliver to your doorstep at small delivery fee of $50.

Free Delivery Option

Offer free delivery for orders about $500.

If this is your first time ordering a pull up banner. We will teach you how to assemble it. This product is so intuitive, training will take less than 5 minutes.

Pull Up Banner FAQ

The Pull Up Banner is an efficient marketing tool that reaps high reward for low effort. It is capable of capturing your attention and disseminating key product information within the use of a small area. The pull up banner is portable and extremely easy to set up. It takes less than 2 minutes for you or your team to set it up. The pull up banner is also light and each pull up banner comes with a slick carrier bag, suitable for hand-carrying for any occasion.

Our customers are mainly sales and marketing and even HR professionals from every industry. They sell typically well for tradeshows and road shows where the ROI for marketing through pull up banners are highest because of its portability and reusability. If you are running a series of small scale outreach events where budget is a constraint, the pull up banner will be a perfect option. These pull up banners are typically used for exhibition, trade shows, roadshows, conferences, networking events. They are even used at shop fronts and decorative hoarding. It is the perfect brand presence marketing tool at the most affordable price.

The pull up banner is an efficient marketing tool because unlike most event marketing assets, the pull up banner is highly portable, takes very little storage space and easy to re-setup. Most of our client purchase this marketing asset because they tend to have multiple roving events within a year with space constraints. The pull up banner is perfect for such events as they are able to visually pack in tonnes of useful information within a confined space. The pull up banner is also a very affordable option. It will be your marketing saving grace if you are working with tight budget.

We will go the extra mile for you. As an event print house, it is our responsibility to ensure that the pull up banner delivered to you is event-ready. This means that the products we deliver to you will be presentable for media and VIP visits. These services will be provided to you at no additional cost. We will not print low resolution artwork, unless it is approved by you.

We have been in the events industry for over 20 years and have worked with many clients over long periods of time. We want the most impactful experience for you for your event. We will be able to share our experience of what works for which events to give you a third party input in your sales and marketing campaign.

We are able to turn around your product at lightning quick pace. The fastest we can print your pull up banner is within 6 hours. If you have any super last minute orders. We will be there for you.

Our pull up banner print area is 85cm x 200cmH. This is the available advertising space within the pull up banner. The back of the pull up banner is left blank and it is where the supporting beam will be placed. Once you have your designs ready, you can send the files (in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or a High Resolution PDF) to us for print. As part of our value added service, our in-house design team will check the resolution of the artwork for you to ensure that the print is of the highest quality possible. The worst print experience you can ever have is to spending the money to have your products printed only to find the pictures pixelated.

If you require design assistance, Macro Events provide design services to you at a nominal fee. Here is what we need to churn out a quick proposal:

  1. Company logo
  2. Corporate colours
  3. Pictures
  4. Written content
  5. Design samples and styles that represent your organisation or what you like.

Of course you can!

In light of cost and the environment, we offer a printing replacement for old pull up banners while reusing the original cartridge. As the pull up banner is made up of a printer banner and a cartridge system, we can help to remove the old banner and replace it with a new one for a much lower cost than purchasing a brand new pull up banner. By doing so, you can change your pull up banner design more frequently while keeping the cost relatively low. We are also sparing a thought for the environment by reusing the cartridge instead of discarding functional cartridges.

For us to replace only the printed banner, the original cartridge has to be maintained in an acceptable state. It would not be wise to reuse cartridges that have been damaged or dented badly and it would be more cost-effective to purchase a brand new pull up banner stand to allow for maximum length of use instead. As the printed banner is completely encased within the cartridge, the banner is protected during handling and thus can last for many years. Having a well-kept cartridge can thus protect your banner through intensive use. That being said, our cartridges are made of high-grade aluminium and are extremely durable, and with proper care, it can be reused through various printed banners.

Before opting to reuse your pull up banner, do consider if the condition of the cartridge is good enough to last through the lifespan of the new printed banner.

Here at Macro Events, we are pleased and willing to replace your printed banner while reusing the cartridge to save cost and contribute to saving the environment .

If your existing pull up banner stands are from other companies, you can also bring them down for us to have a look and evaluate if they are suitable for banner replacement. However, this is not encouraged as there may be compatibility issues and we would not be able to guarantee the quality and durability of the cartridge. Should you wish to reuse your pull up banner stands through numerous cycles, we recommend that you purchase a new one and simply come back to replace the banner print as you wish.

You simply pay for what you get. The variations of pull up banners within the market is huge. You can easily find a pull up banner that is lower than $80 anywhere in the market. But what is

difference? From our experience, here are the differences.

First of all, the quality of the print. Most companies run like a photocopying shop. They take whatever design you supply them and print it. They do not do any checks for you. In the event you have chosen a pixelated image for your print out, you will only know about it when you assemble your pull up banner. These companies typically will not reprint your pull up banner because the responsibility of providing a print-worthy file lies with you. Unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing, we encourage you to find a print vendor who will take care of your prints.

Secondly, the quality of your stand. Cheaper pull up banners tend to be made of lower quality materials. If your intention is to use them for a short duration, the cheaper option may be the more effective option for you. In general, you want your pull up banner to last at least a year before replacing it. A good quality pull up banner will be able to weather the use and abuse over the year. Paying a fraction of a price more can go a long long way.

Not what you are looking for? We also provide Pop Up Banner!